Promote with us

So what are we offering?

We set our travel blog up to help get people out and explore the outdoors more! We try and pride ourselves in finding that hidden area off the beaten track. We love finding little places to explore and telling everyone about it even down to places to eat & stay.

With our travel blog we give honest and wholeheartedly views. We like to help any small businesses or blogs to promote themselves through our outreach too.

This can mean getting in contact with us and arranging a day/night to call into your B&B, hostel or hotel. Staying over and writing a blog and making a vlog for YouTube. Or even calling in and choosing a meal from the menu and blogging it*. Obviously as we support small businesses then this will not be taken advantage off. We aren’t about asking for freebies as many others may do! Of course a pre-arranged term will be discussed prior to us arriving. Contact us for more information.

So what do you get out of it?

You will get whole hearty and honest views on your small business. We will never give negative feedback just shall we say “constructive critism”. We want people to get out and explore these places to stay and eat in so we won’t knock anyone down as we believe this is the way to do things.

So what do we get out of it?

We get out and explore new places! One thing we both love doing is meeting new people. We do have a four legged friend called, Benji (who if okayed in advance can travel too). We get to write new blogs and make small videos on our travels. This then in turn allows us to push new content from our end but also pushing your business too.

Sound too good to be true?

We don’t believe it is! Everyone wins in the end. Why not Contact us to discuss things further.


*For the meal option then a radius of 40 miles from the North Coast of Northern Ireland applies. Unless, we are travelling in your direction for another review.