Vlog: Kinbane Castle, Co. Antrim

Kinbane Castle is situated in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, on a long, narrow limestone headland projecting into the sea, approximately 5 km from Ballycastle on the road to Ballintoy.

A two-storey castle was built in 1547 by Colla MacDonnell, brother of Sorley Boy MacDonnell, with a large courtyard with traces of other buildings, probably constructed out of wood.

Turning off the main road, into what only can be described as a road wide enough for one vehicle. You are slightly rewarded with glimpses of the Atlantic Ocean. As you make your way to the spacious car park, to your left is the path along with public toilets.

As you start your walk down you get an overall sense of the site. Looking down from roughly 400ft it’s an awe-inspiring view. Take care to make your way down the many, many steps until you finally reach the bottom. However, remember there is only one way back up again!

Explore the grounds of Kinbane Castle with caution. The ground can be slippy after rain fall so do take care. When you finish take your time to walk up the steps again. Stopping once every so often to take in that view, one more time!

Lucy and I have ran Wandering Mile for a good year or more now. Mainly exploring places on foot and returning home with hundreds of pictures to sit through and write up on.

Recently we purchased the new DJI Mavic Pro drone. Our first place we took it to was Kinbane Castle, Co. Antrim. Northern Ireland. Why did we take it there? As you can see from the footage there was no-one there

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