So, what do we take with us on your trips when we travel? Below is a quick overview on everything:-


We purchased the tent in Argos, in the UK, for around £70 (€78). This Trespass 4 Man Dome Tent was ideal for the two of us. We decided to go with the bigger indoor space mainly to accommodate the air bed and keep our most valuable and personal belongings inside at night. The tent at full pitch measures H135, W240, L210CM with an internal living space coming in at H135, W240, L210CM. Even though this was classed as a 4 man tent, it would have been a very tight sleeping arrangement for 4 men to comfortably sleep!

The Tresspass 4 Man Dome Tent has a Hydrostatic Head of 2000mm (the higher the figure, the more waterproof the tent) which worked well, however, we did purchase some extra waterproofing spray and coated the tent on the first day just for added extra security.

Just of the main sleeping quarters you had a mosquito net and the main door, both of which can be individually or separately rolled up to allow air to circulate the inner sleeping section.

Just outside this is a small “porch” selection which we used mainly to keep our dirty/wet shoes and to store unnecessary bags overnight. A welcome extra space that we used to our advantage.

Air mattress

We purchased this all in one air bed, sleeping bags and pillows for around £50 (€56) in Argos in the UK. The pump was sold separately but for an extra few pounds we really didn’t mind. The air bed was perfect for us and stayed inflated for the entire night. The only trick we learned was, when the tent was built, inflate the air bed. Then afterwards re-inflate before you went to sleep. This meant the thing was solid for you to sleep on during the night. An extra blanket to throw over the top also worked a treat too!

Any other comments?

Well kinda of, yes! If you take a look at the outside of the tent (the ‘porch’ area) there is alot of space between the ground sheet and the main body of the tent. Why was this an issue? Well when the wind picked up, it left us freezing! My advice, if you can is get something to run along the bottom on the inside to try cut the draft down. Next time we go away I think we will try some bin liners. Stuffed with old newspaper into log shapes, and put them around the inside of the porch area. Only time will tell.

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