Bad Eddie’s Boat

‘Bad Eddie’ or ‘Eddie’s boat’ are the names given to the old wreck at Magherclogher beach, Bunbeg Donegal. Cara Na Mara (‘Friend of the Sea’) is the official title of this beautiful wreck. A fantastic spot and not too far out of the way if you are in and around the Bunbeg area.

Bunbeg, (translates to “the small river mouth”) is officially the smallest town land in Gweedore, local amenities can be found here along with the rather unusual wreckage.

The ship ran aground here in the 1970s when it got into difficulty on stormy waters.  It has been here ever since, an honored part of local heritage and is considered to be Gweedore’s “very own Titanic”. The wreckage is considered famous as many travel from afar to see it, only previously being featured in 1985 Clanad and Bono video, ‘In A Lifetime’.

To get up close to the ship, the tide needs to be well out, as you can see, we got very lucky, as the tide was on its’ way in when we arrived. Be warned there is signage in place due to the increase degradation of the wreck, sharp metal objects, including the engine can be seen within.

If you wish to visit, Bad Eddie’s Boat. Please find directions below:

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