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Hello, so who are we? We are 2 people (Chrisy and Lucy) from the North Coast of Northern Ireland. We decided to set up this travel blog as we both enjoy going out and exploring new places. So, we thought why not share our love for the outdoors through words and pictures!

  • ChrisyChrisy’s main passions are Technology & Photography. Having picked up his first computer in 1997, and making his way onto the World Wide Web around 1999/2000. Chrisy has been long fascinated with computers and how things work. Having built many website’s and blogs over the years, Chrisy turned his had to our blog! Having it up and running & optimised in a mere few days. For the photography again Chrisy picked this passion up early. He clearly remembers getting this first “point & shoot” around the age of 11. Moving onto DSLR at the age of 17. From then on he’s taken many a great photographs. Incidentally he’s taken every photograph you see on this Travel Blog.
  • Lucy – Lucy’s main passion is…

Selfie of blog owners (Chrisy & Lucy) at Gleniff Horseshoe Bend

The four legged friend

This little fella here is called, Benji. A rescue dog we picked up from a local charity. He’s a Jack Russel cross at around 1 year old. We think he maybe crossed with a Dachshund as his body is longer than most for a Jack Russel.

As you can tell, Benji is just full of life and always ready to play or go for a walk anytime of the day! Here he is in first action shot running on Portstewart Strand. I’m sure you will be seeing many more photos of him over the coming months/years.

Jack Russel Terrier, Benji running along the beach at Portstewart Strand

If you would like to know more then Contact Us, if not enjoy our blog and always remember to share.