Wild Atlantic Way – Carrickfinn Standing Stones to Leo’s Tavern – Day Three – Part 2

After a miserable wet and windy day, we finally reached our last campsite of the journey, Sleepy Hollows! What a name…

Located in the quiet village of Meenaleck, near the Crolly River, we travelled down and around some meandering roads to get to it, but upon arriving we met the owners of the campsite.

The Wilsons operate the site from their home which extends onto the campsite boundary, including their back garden which is utilised for campers, like ourselves! They also have a Glamping pod available, pitches for caravans and welcome dogs on the site.

Sleepy Hollow Campsite

Sleepy Hollow Campsite

After 4 days without internet, we pitched ourselves as close as we could to get a decent wifi signal…

Sleepy Hollow had excellent facilities, which included it being an adult only campsite, a camper kitchen with fridge, freezer, toaster and kettle and also free hot showers throughout the day. No coins and no pesky meters.

We pitched the tent and decided to go explore our surroundings. We headed towards Donegal Airport.

Yes… my thoughts exactly, but Donegal actually has an airport.

Passing the airport we arrived at a small car park leading towards the beautiful Carrickfinn Blue Flag Beach.

Carrickfinn Standing Stones

An extensive sandy beach with an excellent dune system. The beach is exposed during certain times of the day, depending on tidal phase. The beach is situated in Gweedore Bay which is a Natural Heritage Area (NHA) with many varied coastal habitats. There are extensive machair grasslands and the area is noted for the presence of rare plant species. So if visiting, stick to pathways provided!

Carrickfinn Standing Stones

Carrickfinn Standing Stones

After exploring the area we returned back along the R266, upon reaching the estuary for the Gweedore River, we discovered the Carrickfinn Standing Stones just as the sun was starting to set. Standing stones can sometimes be associated with Stone Circles and Passage Tombs.

Carrickfinn Standing Stones

Carrickfinn Standing Stones

Leo’s Tavern

We travelled back to the campsite and decided to call into a restaurant we had seen upon entering the village of Meenaleck.

Outside Leo's Tavern

Outside Leo’s Tavern*

Tabhairne Leo or Leos Tavern is situated along the Wild Atlantic Way, between Mount Errigal and the Atlantic Ocean and is a prime spot for tourists and locals alike. During the peak times in the summer months, Leo’s have traditional Irish music playing on selected nights during the week.

Inside Leo's Tavern

Inside Leo’s Tavern

We arrived early and asked for a table, to which the waitress let us sit where ever we wanted and we ordered drinks.

Automatically the atmosphere felt like home, a large fireplace in the corner lit for those colder nights but also a stage for musicians and karaoke nights. This is the sort of place you want to be in on a Saturday night.

We ordered food and waited.

Leo’s has some remarkable history about it and as I scanned the room, I noticed all the walls are covered in Gold and Platinum disks, memorabilia and numerous photos.

Leo’s tavern is renowned for its music being the family home of world famous musical talents Enya, Clannad and Moya Brennan.

It took me far too long to realise this, as upon entering the restaurant the juke box in the corner was playing “Only Time”.

I should have known.

Starters at Leo's Tavern

Nachos and sweet chili chicken strips for starters and chicken curry and beef burger for our mains. We thoroughly enjoyed our time here at Leo’s and would highly recommend a visit!

Main meal at Leo's Tavern

After a few more Enya songs and a few drinks later, we vacated back to our campsite for the evening.

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*This image was used, with thanks to http://leostavern.com

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